Today's healthcare providers are faced with many challenges.  We can help you solve some of these with products and services tailored to meet your specific needs.  For ideas on some of these products, peruse our Healthcare Photo Galleries.  When you are ready for more information, let us know with the Request A Consultation button.  We will help you solve your challenges on your next project!


Seating - Of course we can help you with general office seating, but did you know that we offer specialty seating such as:  exam room seating, lab seating, treatment seating, bariatric seating, waiting room seating, lounge seating, and break room seating?

Furniture - Let us help you with that desk for your private office, or staff workstations.  Beyond that, we offer modular exam room furniture, lab furniture, break room furniture, waiting room furniture, lounge furniture, and break room furniture.

Storage - For years we have been known as your source for hardcopy patient record handling and storage solutions.  Do you know that we can also help you with:  medication storage, linen storage, food storage, and employee lockers?

EMR Transition - Making the transition from hard copy patient records to EMR is a huge challenge for today's healthcare professional.  Check out this gallery if you are making that transition.


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