Workspace, the area needed to complete your work.  What that looks like obviously depends on who you are and what kinds of work you do.  

For our purposes, we use workspace as it applies to the office, laboratory, classroom, or shop desk.  

You can browse our Workspace Gallery for an overview of the types of workspace we can help you with.  When you are ready for more details, simply click the Request A Consultation button, and we will rush you full details.

To help you make a more informed decision on your workspace project you can download our Office Workspace Buyer's Guide.  In it you will learn:

  • Understanding what represents value.
  • The importance of setting a budget.
  • Why workspace ergonomics is important.
  • If Open Plan make sense for you.
  • If Hoteling might be a good option.
  • What to look for in terms of quality construction.
  • Understand just what your warranty covers.
  • How to nail down post purchase service.

You can download our Office Workspace Buyer's Guide here.