December 6

Wichita Mobile Device Charging Station

power to the people

Recharging mobile devices for your office quests presents a very real challenge.  Outlets are often located in awkward places and in some cases there is simply not enough outlets to meet the demand.  PowerFlex can be your answer.

PowerFlex, a collection of portable tripod,  freestanding, table top, and wall mountable charging stations, include KwikBoost.  KwikBoost incorporates a patent-pending, energy efficient technology that recharges mobile devices at four-times the speed of a conventional charger.

Each KwikBoost charger features cable connections to fit over 95% of smart phones and tablets.  The freestanding, table top, and wall mountable units feature a customizable graphic area ideal for company and school logos.

Do your guests a favor and make it easy for them to keep their mobile devices charged, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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