September 12

Simplify Your Digital Life

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Many of us use several different digital services each day.  We might store important files in Dropbox, organize our thoughts in Evernote, utilize Gmail to organize our calendar, and keep up with our friends on Facebook.  

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a service that would get some of our digital services to work together, automatically?  

IFTTT is just such a service!

IFTTT is a free service which allows you to create very useful connections, with various digital services, using a simple recipe statement.


This in the recipe refers to the trigger that causes the action of that in the statement.

There are all kinds of cool things that IFTTT can do automatically once recipes are activated.

  • Backup your iOS photos to Dropbox
  • Email you new iOS photos
  • Backup your contacts to a Google spreadsheet
  • Text you regarding price activity of a particular stock
  • Get updates on your favorite sports team
  • Get an iOS notification if rain is forecast for tomorrow
  • Receive a text reminder of a recurrent event (rent?)

Channels - Channels, such as Dropbox, are the building blocks of IFTTT.  Every channel has its own triggers and actions.  New channels are constantly being added to IFTTT, to view all available channels click here.

Triggers - As the name implies, the trigger initiates the action.  For example:  "when I take an iOS picture".

Actions - The action is the desired result initiated by the trigger.  For example:  "send a copy to my Dropbox".

Ingredients - Pieces of data from a trigger are called ingredients.  For example, ingredients of an email trigger might be:  subject, body, attachment, received date, and sender's address.

Recipes - Recipes can be personal (unique to you) or shared.  An example of a personal recipe would be:  "If Apple goes up 5% then send me a text".  An example of a shared recipe might be:  "A daily email of new IFTTT recipes for you to try".

You will find that all kinds of useful recipes are possible with IFTTT, and it is FREE!  Check it out here.

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