November 30

Security Sorters For Confidential Mail

Confidential documents and confidential mail carry the same liability.  If you handle/distribute confidential paper documents in your organization, you may need this type of equipment to keep it secure.  Tambour door sorters that fully close and lock securely can help you stay HIPAA compliant.  These tambour doors are smooth, quiet, reliable, and built to last.


















For individual secure mail drop slots select locking mail boxes.  With over 250 different keying combinations, combination locks, and thumb turn locks all of your needs are covered.  Individual aluminum boxes can be installed into the wall or can be framed in many colors of wood to stand out or blend into your office decor.  


Let us help you answer your concerns with regard to sorting confidential documents.  Click here to request a no obligation consultation, or give us a call right now!  

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