June 25

High Density Weapons Storage

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Law enforcement and military weapons storage present some unique challenges.  Weapons obviously need to be secure, but protecting them from marring by the storage racks is also an important consideration.  High density mobile storage equipment can effectively double your capacity without increasing your space requirement.  

Racks for hand guns, long guns, and heavy weapons are constructed of a highly durable wear resistant polyethylene plastic, most commonly used as wear guards in heavy equipment and machinery due to its strength and durability.  By utilizing this material in our weapons storage systems we can offer the most weapon safe non-marring durable storage racks for today's high tech weapons.

All barrel and grip supports in our racks are made from one solid piece of material, having no guards or coatings to fall off or wear away.  All gunstock supports are also made of one solid piece of polyethylene and mounted in a special 6061 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion.

Pistol racks support the barrel and grip from the exterior of the weapon leaving the barrel rifling unaffected.

Hi-Density spacesaving systems are especially well suited in military or law enforcement gun storage situations. These moveable aisle systems can double your storage capacity, while still allowing for ease of access.

Racks can be designed to house a single type of rifle, or a variety of weapons and related gear. When your needs change, the racks can easily be reconfigured.  We recognize that security is always an issue, so we offer a special locking system used to secure all weapons in each rack.

With Hi-Density systems, not only is the storage capacity increased, but weapons access is made easier without the interference of doors to slow weapons deployment.

Regardless of your weapons storage needs, we have the equipment to help you store them safely and securely.

We can also help you with carts designed to aid in the rapid deployment of weapons.

Businesses and organizations in the Wichita area and throughout south central Kansas have trusted us for effective storage solutions since 1978, you should too.

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