November 25

Rotary Cabinets Save Time, Space, and Money

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It doesn't matter what you store in your office cabinets:  files, forms, drawings, media, books or binders. Whatever you store, you will store it in less space, find it quicker, and save money using rotary cabinets.

Rotary files operate on a simple principle: items are more easily accessed by moving the items to the user rather than moving the user to the items, lazy susan style if you will. 

The outer framework of the cabinet conceals the rotating center.  The rotating center has 4 sides; 2 that contain media and 2 that are flat, acting as doors when the cabinet needs to be locked.  The sides containing media can be configured for a wide variety of storage, and they can easily be reconfigured if needed.

Units come in several heights, allowing them to be used for maximum density or maximum convenience, such as a 'working wall' between workstations.  Ganging of units allows for shared components, which lowers your cost.


more media - more accessible - less space


Rotary cabinets can help you solve a lot of your office storage problems!  Are you ready to explore it further? Give us a call or email today!

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