August 19

Refresh Office Workstation Panels


Your office workstation panels have served you well, but their age is showing.  The are old, worn, dirty, and quite frankly a color that screams 1985.  

You are looking for a way to improve your office work environment at a reasonable cost.  The answer is FreshFit!






FreshFit transforms your tired old office panels quickly and inexpensively in these ways:

  • Change the fabric color
  • Turn single fabric color panels into multiple color 'tile' look panels
  • Add a whiteboard anywhere
  • Silk screen on any fabric or whiteboard
  • Fast, receive FreshFit in as little as 15 days
  • Low cost, as little as $15.50 per square foot


FreshFit panels simply overlay your existing panels - just align and press into place.  They are easy to install or reposition by facilities management or users; no staff downtime.

Extend and refresh the service life of your existing furniture.  FreshFit will give your office a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of workstation replacement.

Businesses and organizations in the Wichita area and throughout south central Kansas have trusted T.E. Berry & Associates for effective, efficient office solutions since 1978, you should too!

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