September 29

Make A Good Choice In Office Seating

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You are in the market to improve the seating for your office workers.  It would be nice if they were all the same size and did the same things at their workstations, but they aren't and they don't.  You want the look of your office to be uniform, yet meet the needs of your diverse staff.  How do you do that?

Take A Closer Look At The Beta2 from Sitmatic

The Beta2 is all about offering you choices:

  • 5 choices in casters or glides
  • 3 choices in bases
  • 5 choices in cylinder height
  • 2 choices in foot rings
  • 3 choices in control mechanisms
  • 7 choices in seats
  • 2 choices in seat foam
  • 7 choices in armrests
  • 3 choices in backrests
  • 2 choices in inflatable back supports
  • 1 choice in head rest
  • a multitude of fabric choices

Click here to go to the manufacturer's page for the Beta2, and take a closer look at all your options.

So how do make your choices, given all these options?  You start by calling us, we will discuss your specific needs, and if you wish speak with each of your employees.  Then we will offer a no obligation test drive of the Beta2 that meets your needs.

316 942-4100


If you prefer, you can get request a consultation by clicking here.  Either way, we will rush the details to you, and you will be well on your way to a great choice! 



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