January 29

Kansas Ortho Clinic EMR Easy Transition

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One of the obvious challenges of moving to an Electronic Medical Record is the entry of basic patient history.  A large, multi-location orthopedics clinic wanted to make it possible for their patients to do this entry themselves.  Granted, there are a few patients that are unable or unwilling to do this, but the vast majority is happy to accommodate.  If fact, most would tell you that they prefer this method of providing the needed data to using paper and pencil.

The Problem

Putting computers in the waiting area created a bit of a privacy concern.  Clinic management wanted to provide a small, somewhat private workspace for these computers at a reasonable cost.

The Solution

It was decided to call T.E. Berry & Associates to help with these workstations.  After consulting with management, it was decided that the Pronto Table, with Training Carrel, was a very good fit for this application.

Each of the Pronto tables is a freestanding unit that can be repositioned independent of any of the others.  It is 36" wide, allowing ample space for the computer and the patient's personal effects.  The Training Carrel on each table helps to shield the computer screen and provides a tack board so that management can post notes/instructions as needed.

The steel structure of the Pronto tables creates an extremely strong unit which should provide many years of valuable service.  The textured powder coat finish on the steel gives an attractive, durable, and smudge-free appearance while the laminate tabletop provides a great looking work surface that blends well with the other laminates and wood trim throughout the office.  Table tops are equipped with grommets for cabling and the modesty panels can be ordered with a locking trough for cabling as well.

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