January 28


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  • The Celsius scale of temperature measurement makes a lot of sense when compared to the Fahrenheit scale.  The strange thing about the way Anders Celsius developed his scale is that water freezes at 100 and boils 0 degrees!  That is right, just the reverse of how we know it today.  Not wanting to point this out to him, the scale was not changed until after his death in 1744.


  • The average height of people of industrialized countries has increased by about 4 inches in the last 150 years.  During the 1800's American males averaged 5'6" and were the tallest in the world.  Today the average American male is 5'9.5" and the tallest country in the world is Netherlands at 6'0.25".


  • Ostriches can run faster than a horse and males roar similar to a lion.


  • Speaking of lions, did you know that female lions do about 90% of the hunting?


  • Your heart beats approximately 100,000 times each day.


  • On average, you'll live 9 years longer if you are right handed.


  • Fingernails grown about four times quicker than toenails.


  • Each year more people die from bee stings than snake bites.


  • The tongue is your strongest muscle.


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