August 27

Compact Your Stuff, Store More

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A Midwest manufacturer faced a serious problem.  They were simply out of space to store their shop related materials.  The static shelving they were using was overloaded and had seen better days.  Looking for an alternative to expanding the floor space needed for this storage, the company called T.E. Berry & Associates.

After discussing alternatives, T.E. Berry proposed moveable aisle storage.  With moveable aisle, mobile storage you can either put your stuff in half the space or double your capacity in the current space..

The left side of this picture illustrates static shelving, where there is an aisle between each section of shelving.

The center of this picture illustrates the 'compacting' of the shelving by eliminating aisles, thus putting the contents in half the space.

The right side of this picture shows the additional sections that can be added by compacting, thus doubling the capacity in the same floor space.

The manufacturer chose to double their capacity by purchasing a mobile storage system.  As you can see in the drawing below, it is actually two adjoining systems. The rows in the system move by means of a mechanical assist system, which allows extremely heavy weights to be moved with very little effort.  The shelving used in this mobile system is heavy duty L & T, capable of easy re-configuration and strong enough to handle static loads of up to 500 pounds per shelf (evenly distributed).  

System 1 has ten moveable rows (carriages) and eleven possible aisle locations.  System 2 has six moveable rows and seven possible aisle locations.  This design allows for multiple people to be accessing the system simultaneously.

Are you struggling with space issues in your facility?  No matter what you need to store, we can help you store it in less space and make it readily accessible.

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