July 22

Chairs for Little People

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There are times when the average office chair is just not appropriate.

Today's office managers are challenged to provide appropriate seating for all of their office workers.  Workers requiring specialized small chairs can be extremely hard to fit.

If you are struggling with this, call us, we'll help you with a custom chair from Sitmatic.

Properly fitting a chair for a little person is not a matter of simply downsizing a normal office chair as if manufactured for a child.  Little people do not have the proportionality of limbs demonstrated throughout the population at large.

If you would like to download a Little Person's Chair Worksheet click here, go to the Seating Column, scroll down to Sitmatic, then click on Little Person's Chair.  If you prefer, you can call us at 

(316) 942-4100

or click here to request a consultation.

let us help you solve your most difficult seating challenges!

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