October 30

Chair Foot Ring Failure In Wichita KS

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stand ring versus foot ring

You work at a mid-height, or counter-height workstation, which means your office chair needs a foot ring. This is a common situation if your workstation is in a shop, laboratory, customer service counter, or bank teller.  The problem is, nearly all foot rings on today's office chairs are woefully inadequate, and often broken or otherwise not serviceable.  Thumbscrews or plastic clamps designed to hold the foot ring firmly in place simply do not work.  Here's the answer to the problem:


Take a close look at the foot ring on this chair.  The manufacturer does not call this a foot ring, rather, they call it a stand ring.  The reason they call it that is because they state that it can support  a 300-pound person STANDING on the ring  Notice the square steel shroud that covers the cylinder of the chair, Most foot rings attach directly to the cylinder, which means when that attachment fails the foot ring drops to the chair base.  Take a look around at the chairs with foot rings in your area, how many of them have failed foot ring attachments?  

The square steel shroud allows all of the pressure placed on the stand ring to be transferred to the chair base, NOT the cylinder attachment device.  This is why it is virtually unbreakable, even under extreme loads.  Notice the black steel paddle on the stand ring, it allows for quick height adjustments in increments of 1".

Now notice the base of this chair.  It is a 30" diameter all steel base.  The typical office chair base is 25" and made of some type of plastic or nylon.  Needless to say, the larger the base diameter the more stable a chair will be, especially when it is raised to counter-height.

This 30" diameter steel base may be the best counter height chair base available.

You can use the stand ring with a wide variety of chair styles, one of which will likely suit your taste.  

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Get a stand ring and forget about your foot ring issues!

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