October 31

What Is Poor Posture Doing To You

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Until recently, many if not most workers earned their living by doing physically demanding activities and they often walked to and from work.  Today many people work at a desk, are seated a substantial amount of the day, and only walk to and from the car.  This can lead to poor Read More...
February 24

One Size Does Not Fit All In Office Chairs

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You wouldn't buy a size 12 shoe for your size 9 foot. Likewise, you wouldn't wear a hiking boot if you were about to run a marathon.  Why would you attempt to get all of your people to use the same size or type of office chair.  People come in all shapes and sizes, Read More...
February 6

Making The Best High Density Mobile System

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You are in the market for a more efficient way to store you 'stuff'.  You have a lot of it, and you don't have the space to continue to store it the way you have been.  You have seen or heard about high density mobile storage systems, but you are wondering what to Read More...
September 12

Simplify Your Digital Life

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Many of us use several different digital services each day.  We might store important files in Dropbox, organize our thoughts in Evernote, utilize Gmail to organize our calendar, and keep up with our friends on Facebook.   Wouldn't it be nice if there was a service that Read More...
August 8

Organize Your Outlook Inbox

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  You get tons of email everyday.  Wading through it can be time consuming.  By establishing a few Rules for Outlook, you can greatly streamline that process. Outlook will sort your incoming email into folders based on rules that you create.  For example, you may Read More...
July 31

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

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Microsoft Excel has been described as one of the best programs ever made, and it is still considered the gold standard for most businesses around the world.  Regardless of your experience with Excel, there is always something new to learn. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to move Read More...
June 25

High Density Weapons Storage

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Law enforcement and military weapons storage present some unique challenges.  Weapons obviously need to be secure, but protecting them from marring by the storage racks is also an important consideration.  High density mobile storage equipment can effectively double your Read More...
May 2

Perfect Gift For Your Wichita Outdoorsman

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He is a great guy, unique in so many ways, but it is hard to find the right gift for him.  You want to give him a gift that is as unique as he is, totally unexpected, something he will not see coming, but what??? You have found that perfect gift for him!  The Camo Chair! Read More...
January 29

Kansas Ortho Clinic EMR Easy Transition

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One of the obvious challenges of moving to an Electronic Medical Record is the entry of basic patient history.  A large, multi-location orthopedics clinic wanted to make it possible for their patients to do this entry themselves.  Granted, there are a few patients that are Read More...
November 4

How To Create A Million American Jobs

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You can help create 1,000,000 jobs in America

by doing one simple thing.

These are difficult times for a lot of Americans.  One of the primary reasons for this is that many are unemployed or underemployed. Read More...
October 30

Chair Foot Ring Failure In Wichita KS

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stand ring versus foot ring
You work at a mid-height, or counter-height workstation, which means your office chair needs a foot ring. This is a common situation if your workstation is in a shop, laboratory, customer service counter, or bank teller. Read More...