December 16

Benefits of a Sit/Stand Desk

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An adjustable height desk, sometimes called a sit/stand workstation, offers many benefits with regard to your health, comfort, and productivity.  Using a sit/stand can make you more energetic, alert, and focused on the task at hand.  A sit/stand desk can even help you burn calories, lose weight and live longer.  So, what are you waiting for?  Take a stand now for yourself and learn more about the benefits of an adjustable height workstation.


Longer Life Expectancy

Do you realize that you can live longer by simply standing more and sitting less?  Multiple studies have shown that active people live longer than their sedentary counterparts.  Knowing this, a sit/stand desk is a better choice than a standard sit-down desk.

Prolonged periods of sitting can actually cause physical harm.  When you sit, fat accumulates in your heart, liver, brain and other organs.  Your muscles lose their and definition, and your body tire more quickly.  The tendency to gain weight is great for workers who sit all day.


More Calories Burned

A sit/stand workstation can actually help you burn more calories as you work.  A 180 pound worker, seated at a desk burns approximately 970 during the course of an average 7 hour workday.  With a sit/stand workstation, that same person will burn approximately 1260 calories.  If you are trying to manage your weight, what difference would this 290 mean to you?

Better Overall Health

Today's lifestyle is much more sedentary than ever before.  View this month's freebie here.  A result of this sedentary lifestyle is soaring rates of obesity and diabetes.  A healthy diet and regular exercise are the best ways to control weight and prevent diabetes, but a sit/stand workstation can help, especially if you do not exercise.  A height adjustable desk allows you to stay more active during your workday, that movement is a good way improve overall fitness.

Standing all day can be tiring, your height adjustable desk will allow you to ease into periods of standing by allowing you to easily the height.  With a sit/stand workstation you should begin with short periods, say 15 minutes, of standing followed by say 30 minutes of sitting.  

Better Ergonomics 

Sitting for extended periods can cause many health problems:  backaches, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, blood clots, sciatica, headaches, and vision issues.  While standing is a more natural position for the body, standing for a long time can be painful too, an adjustable height desk allows you to vary your work position throughout the day.

An ergonomic desk helps you feel better, which allows you to work better.  In addition to helping you feel better, a sit/stand workstation allows you to be more interactive with your coworkers.  It gives you easier/quicker access to team members, supply rooms, office equipment and more.


Ryan's Testimonial

I can attest to the increased energy level first-hand.  I switched to a standing desk about a month ago, and at first I could only stand for about an hour before I wanted to sit, but that gradually changes.  I now sit for about an hour total during the day, with the rest of the time standing.  I feel less stressed, and more focused on tasks.  I can't explain exactly whey, but I'm guessing it is the fact that I'm constantly shifting weight, moving my feet a little, and 'micro-dancing' to the music in my headphones.


Right For You?

Sit/stand workstations can be a very good solution for home office workers, computer desk users, students, cubicle dwellers, and office executives.  Take control of your health and productivity today by checking out a height adjustable workstation!  When you are ready for more information, give us a call:

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If you prefer, click here to request more information.  Do it today, be glad you did when you have your new workstation.


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