December 18

Furnishing Solutions January 2016 Freebie

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I'm A Keeper Mug

We are going to kick off the re-design of our monthly eNewsletter, Furnishing Solutions, with a free I'm A Keeper mug simply for the asking!  This mug is very unique and only available at Read More...
December 17

Did You Know

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  Here's why you have trouble blowing out those trick candles.  The wick of a trick candle has small amounts of magnesium in them.  When you light the candle, you are also lighting the magnesium.  When you try to blow out the flame, the magnesium inside the Read More...
December 16

Benefits of a Sit/Stand Desk

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An adjustable height desk, sometimes called a sit/stand workstation, offers many benefits with regard to your health, comfort, and productivity.  Using a sit/stand can make you more energetic, alert, and focused on the task at hand.  A sit/stand desk can even help you burn Read More...
November 30

Security Sorters For Confidential Mail

Confidential documents and confidential mail carry the same liability.  If you handle/distribute confidential paper documents in your organization, you may need this type of equipment to keep it secure.  Tambour door sorters that fully close and lock securely can help you stay Read More...
November 24

Did You Know This About The Eiffel Tower

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In light of the horrific recent events in Paris we are seeing a lot of images of the Eiffel Tower.  Here are some interesting points about the tower that you may not have known. After its completion in 1889 the Eiffel Tower became the world's tallest man made structure, Read More...
November 4

Can You Believe It

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Did you know that: A lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen turn blue A bear has 42 teeth August has the highest percentage of births 8% of people have an extra rib 85% of plantlife is in the ocean Rabbits like licorice Armadillos have 4 babies Read More...
October 31

What Is Poor Posture Doing To You

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Until recently, many if not most workers earned their living by doing physically demanding activities and they often walked to and from work.  Today many people work at a desk, are seated a substantial amount of the day, and only walk to and from the car.  This can lead to poor Read More...
September 29

Make A Good Choice In Office Seating

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You are in the market to improve the seating for your office workers.  It would be nice if they were all the same size and did the same things at their workstations, but they aren't and they don't.  You want the look of your office to be uniform, yet meet the needs of Read More...
September 23

Interesting Fun Facts

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  Elephants are the only mammal that can't jump. A "jiffy" is actually 1/100th of a second. 1 googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. Frogs don't drink, the absorb water through their skin. Dragonflies have 6 legs but can't walk. An Read More...
August 31

You Probably Don’t Know This But…

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Unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes Most lipsticks contain fish scales Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries Ralph Lauren's original name was Ralph Lifshitz The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 Read More...
August 27

Compact Your Stuff, Store More

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A Midwest manufacturer faced a serious problem.  They were simply out of space to store their shop related materials.  The static shelving they were using was overloaded and had seen better days.  Looking for an alternative to expanding the floor space needed for this Read More...
July 29

What’s Happening In Wichita During August

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August 1 - 8, 2015
The National Baseball Congress World Series has been the Summer Collegiate National Championship since 1935.  Featured are teams from all across the country, playing 60 games at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.  Enjoy Baseball 'Round the Clock Read More...
July 22

Chairs for Little People

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There are times when the average office chair is just not appropriate. Today's office managers are challenged to provide appropriate seating for all of their office workers.  Workers requiring specialized small chairs can be extremely hard to fit. If you are struggling with Read More...
June 23

Chairs for large people

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Sometimes the average office chair just is not appropriate. A very real challenge for today's office manager is to provide appropriate seating for all of their office workers.  Workers requiring larger chairs can be especially hard to fit. If you find yourself in that Read More...
June 19

Independence Day Trivia

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As we approach the celebration of our nation's birth, you might be interested in some Independence Day trivia.  Use it to amaze your friends and family, or just amuse yourself.   The Declaration of Independence was first adopted on July 2, 1776, two days later a Read More...
June 2

Bet You Didn’t Know This

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  The amount of cement used in China from 2011 through 2013 is greater than the amount used in the United States during the entire 20th century.   It costs the US government 1.8 cents to mint a penny and 9.4 cents to mint a nickel.   Almost half of all Read More...
May 27

Guest, Stacking, and Multi-Purpose Chairs Made Easy

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You want an easy way to accommodate your guest, stacking, and multi-purpose seating needs.  You want an easy way to impress with clean, crisp design.  You want an easy way to be comfortable with quality.  You want a price that is easy on your budget.  How can you get Read More...
April 30

Ford Mustang Name

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Though the Mustang uses a mustang pony as its logo, the original prototype car was actually originally named after something entirely different. The Ford Mustang was brought out five months before the normal start of the 1965 production year.  The earliest versions are often Read More...
April 30

Attractive Affordable Waiting Room Seating

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Your guest seating says a lot about your organization.  What is your waiting room telling your guests? A Wichita medical office needed more space for their growing practice.  The best answer to their need was a new building.  One of the focuses was the patient waiting Read More...
April 13

Free Office Furniture Idea Book

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Are you looking for good ideas for new office furniture?  The HPFI Idea Book is an excellent resource, you can click here to download an 80 page digital copy.  It is choked Read More...
February 24

One Size Does Not Fit All In Office Chairs

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You wouldn't buy a size 12 shoe for your size 9 foot. Likewise, you wouldn't wear a hiking boot if you were about to run a marathon.  Why would you attempt to get all of your people to use the same size or type of office chair.  People come in all shapes and sizes, Read More...
February 6

Making The Best High Density Mobile System

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You are in the market for a more efficient way to store you 'stuff'.  You have a lot of it, and you don't have the space to continue to store it the way you have been.  You have seen or heard about high density mobile storage systems, but you are wondering what to Read More...