December 27

Your New Office Furniture Is Here

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The New Year is here, now it is time to take a closer look at some new furniture for your office.  Whether the look you want is traditional, transitional, or modern we have what you are looking for.  Here are a few ideas to start you thinking, we have many more to suit your Read More...
December 5

2015 Year Code Buyer’s Guide

2015 will soon be here.  You can find our Year Code Buyer's Guide for 2015 here.  Go to the Accessories column, then click on 2015 Year Code Guide to download the PDF.  Make your selection, then give us a Read More...
November 25

Rotary Cabinets Save Time, Space, and Money

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It doesn't matter what you store in your office cabinets:  files, forms, drawings, media, books or binders. Whatever you store, you will store it in less space, find it quicker, and save money using rotary cabinets. Read More...
October 20

Flexible Training/Conference Room Solution

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Do you often need to change the configuration of your training/conference room?  You may be looking for furniture that offers modern design, easy configuration, compact storage, and a moderate price.  You may be looking for Flip-N-Go by Mayline... Read More...
September 12

Simplify Your Digital Life

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Many of us use several different digital services each day.  We might store important files in Dropbox, organize our thoughts in Evernote, utilize Gmail to organize our calendar, and keep up with our friends on Facebook.   Wouldn't it be nice if there was a service that Read More...
August 19

Refresh Office Workstation Panels

  Your office workstation panels have served you well, but their age is showing.  The are old, worn, dirty, and quite frankly a color that screams 1985.   You are looking for a way to improve your office work environment at a reasonable cost.  The answer is Read More...
August 8

Organize Your Outlook Inbox

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  You get tons of email everyday.  Wading through it can be time consuming.  By establishing a few Rules for Outlook, you can greatly streamline that process. Outlook will sort your incoming email into folders based on rules that you create.  For example, you may Read More...
July 31

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

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Microsoft Excel has been described as one of the best programs ever made, and it is still considered the gold standard for most businesses around the world.  Regardless of your experience with Excel, there is always something new to learn. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to move Read More...
July 24

Free* 2015 File Year code Labels

*If your business is within 50 miles of downtown Wichita, Kansas, we will give you a free sample box of one of the 2015 Yearcode labels picture below. If you are going to use this type of label on your files, you should take advantage of this free offer.   Read More...
June 25

High Density Weapons Storage

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Law enforcement and military weapons storage present some unique challenges.  Weapons obviously need to be secure, but protecting them from marring by the storage racks is also an important consideration.  High density mobile storage equipment can effectively double your Read More...
May 21

High Density Storage For Wichita Business

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Wichita area businesses have relied on T.E. Berry & Associates since 1978 for storage solutions of all types, but especially for high density mobile equipment.   We offer high quality equipment designed to give you many years of valuable, trouble free, service. Read More...
May 12

File Supplies Resource For Wichita Business

In spite of the use of computers, there are still plenty of businesses in the Wichita area that use folders and color code labels for their records.  If you have decided that paper records are best for your organization, then you need a good, reliable source for the filing supplies Read More...
May 2

Perfect Gift For Your Wichita Outdoorsman

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He is a great guy, unique in so many ways, but it is hard to find the right gift for him.  You want to give him a gift that is as unique as he is, totally unexpected, something he will not see coming, but what??? You have found that perfect gift for him!  The Camo Chair! Read More...
April 17

Find A Good $300 Chair In Wichita KS

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Are you looking for a chair that offers excellent quality construction, good looks and a great price?  Bolero has quickly become a top selling chair that gives you all that, in the popular mesh back category.   We are offering a promotion of the Bolero chair (model 607.E1.A55) Read More...
January 29

Kansas Ortho Clinic EMR Easy Transition

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One of the obvious challenges of moving to an Electronic Medical Record is the entry of basic patient history.  A large, multi-location orthopedics clinic wanted to make it possible for their patients to do this entry themselves.  Granted, there are a few patients that are Read More...