December 6

Wichita Mobile Device Charging Station

Power to the People

Recharging mobile devices for your office quests presents a very real challenge.  Outlets are often located in awkward places and in some cases there is simply not enough outlets to meet the demand.  PowerFlex can be your answer.     Read More...
November 9

KS Extreme Duty Law Enforcement Chairs

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Police Deserve This Kind Of Support

The Airport Police and Fire Department had a problem.  The typical office chair simply would not hold up to the extreme demands of law enforcement.  Their officers were a broad range of sizes and shapes. Read More...
November 4

How To Create A Million American Jobs

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You can help create 1,000,000 jobs in America

by doing one simple thing.

These are difficult times for a lot of Americans.  One of the primary reasons for this is that many are unemployed or underemployed. Read More...
October 30

Chair Foot Ring Failure In Wichita KS

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stand ring versus foot ring
You work at a mid-height, or counter-height workstation, which means your office chair needs a foot ring. This is a common situation if your workstation is in a shop, laboratory, customer service counter, or bank teller. Read More...